Monday, May 14, 2007

Andrew Lundwall; three poems

'powder this however'

kissable lampshade lips
grasp the cocaine glow of go

such nomadic in the mind felt
gone mad up into this wind

the less i've seen the more
i've earned back minimum wage

this solitude is beefy to run
a roadmap by so and so much

chunks of sorts that fall
from heavens' lap to now

raining night stars
such crucial given take

i've an urge to shadowbox up
my belongings here and there

powder this

wish too

'solitude deluxe'

the shock of
intimate fade
and thinking
dark long nights
less room to mind
her secret sound
where eyes my hands go

i've eggshells
kept aside especially
bitten alike and melodious
as her silhouettes
an unsupportive truth
to drink solitude away
feeling guilt fountains
such crucial belongings
do a curtain a tremor
i'd laid glow of make

'blaring loss'

she and it you'd regarded
with cocaine face of burden
miles of gray like a beard
thund'ring overflow
on all fours blaring loss
excessive strip club mouths
that screw chunks of sleep
a wilderness urge bewitching
hard with now raining night
into neon veins that blaze
smoke the heavens' fingertip