Friday, February 02, 2007

Daniel f. Bradley; five from T=I=D=Y language

or are people just animals that can speak and write and make up goddess and make up morals and not think about how we are really unable to reach the lofty goals that we dream and how we are really unable to look at ourselves honestly and see

what we are i have no problems expecting the worst of my fellows and when they are throwing around terms like innocent and victim and immoral i expect them to be particular depraved in the violence that they will do

coarse be sure to label me a sociopath with the intriguing defense affective reading and demonstration of some adventurous and nonstandard modes of suggestion of a kind of utopian horizon

one of the most important critics today and it's improper how she met him and her and she won't allow anyone to speak of her in front of her as she and him made her uncomfortable over something and i'm saying this like i know these bone heads but really they uninteresting verbiage and landfill


the prospect of fighting paint scared us a little but when she saw the poor colour all broke into identical evil grins never fight it wouldn't matter who's wrong or right

if a broken heart needs a giggles i thought you were suppose to be evil you know you wanna do it and it will make me very happy

i don't even know anyway went climbing last weekend managed to make it to the hey i even spelled his name right everyone see now there are few things in the world which can separate such a happy mob

evil grins on all of us care free in the streets pink baby loo the night before the wedding chorus of mama don't aloud no finger painting round here this is the problem only the words cum round anymore


never thought that a language was geographic thing may start like and they move or die they change or die

hey become something else or die if you wanna go top dog that's fine whatever language they need to get the funny fact it is pretty meaningless

like saying i like your eye colour pretty harmless cept ya killed cuz they have a wrong pink eye colour or they don't believe the goddess


your body cracks and i bathe in blood wallow in thoughts i condemn myself as i bathe

blood bathe in blood by pink eyes of the dead of all that have listened love and loosened us from our salt

us from our sins in order deaths of so that he could bathe in girl n boy bath

thus stay forever young or improve her complexion this was not mentioned trial order n' steaks of human flesh moth on ya bones till none of its left breath pest exhale

death imp blessed with text bathe in the infidel wanna do this

cast the first stone decide nothing those who count everything


they are the same ones who refused to stay undead yet you have so many spelling powers needed to find hidden terrorist groups

talk about shaking up the beehive it went from agitated to swarming jail them i don't care how throw 'em bee they are shallow bitchy elitists suffice to say any advice from this guy like he won first place

fat chance locked up more criminals for longer because they victimize when they can't accuse me of being a terrorists don't just give up and disappear they are not aliens

now how many parents do lessons the spelling today was the big day they set up just in time

dismissal so it isn't the rational kind of fear about kids have this book jammed up their asses from day one and of course they don't realize that there is a real world out there you say go get 'em in the airport