Saturday, August 11, 2007

ek rzepka; three poems

it will be realized that
despite all the aglow and talent
all the pinions and perfection cytologies
it will be acquiesced to the periodic and dregged

that arbitrary
that grim, mauled
that rehabilitate
that meretricis and syringe
that rosette

that venturing forth into redesigned and gathered
into indites and the severe obscene
the seduced, montage
affable montage through surmise

that each abbreviated sustainment and noiseless
lurks gushing torn (cicatrize) on the most tactile of
splint then vibrate

across the way, we will call love what the transfigured


they have collated the benumbing, they speak tongues, hone
the cognati become famous for their speech
for their paddles

the bestowed isn't remembered

his wife, pencilled in afterwards in haste
she was remembered for her echoing appearance in black and

inurn, cinemas
people are involved as moving pictures
the string language, drying, dead fish jelled, trimmed

merging and mutating how you've felt about mexican rancheras
and mailbags

how you've wished and gored and overwhelmed

a darwinian ancience, sense, affliction
superstructure committed over rib and finger

too belated
we've reheeled and shapely applied
compost and cough from the coterminally dilated

terrorize through syphon
& chiron suffocate
though tram and defect
conduce apical pious, dowel captivate

begging it's captivating the exuded and consulted
apprehensively dare, wellness

shadowgraph trammel
the shadow will talk of syphons
the planless will speak through elections and doodles
choir disguise scaled through torn & pious flesh
such necessitous energy, needed sorely by the community for

boding bodies,

clamber, the consulted unsure
which has mutated into the most attractive and excruciating

what gnarl & piffle makes an intermittent
afflict spark