Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alana Madison; five bash slasho poems

Gonna Booglarizee Your Basho baby

This tablet has never been known to sparkle
Like this but as it is true in nature
So it is that a new home
Needs milk so well flavored beauty

And youth to create that just so cardboard smile

But you are only a businessman and
Have no time for a long sexual stimulation
And we are getting plowed on paper
For our old sex narrations

Be easy in the beginning
The year is sixteen so so you
Want to pull
Want to be sure as we
Had to visit loads of temples
Before we found a realistic looking
Flaccid penis

Only to get destroyed by
Stunning schoolboys
Doing aesthetical liquidation

And the roads inland of
This territory is hard sienna
But I hold to it to remind
To be able

Able to remind me

Barely legal poets gangbanging granny Basho

Inserts japanese
Smoke raised poetry
Paper passionate filth

Up off fossil lodge
While fireworks and
Crane heresy

You will tussle brier
Practice hanging and
Gently obliterate

A library corporal
A nymph sounds the alarmed

Busty bend dips
Giving you that avalanche of sperm

Lewd Basho posing shaved in black leather jacket

A golden boy
Wearing just flickers of
Candlelight will fuck
Like a star

Make sure to take a good
Look as heaven declares civil
War suicide bombing
White horses enflamed

Cheerleader dark
Nights and day hot drippings

They do a nasty
Thing with their chicken legs
Still screaming
Bok! Bok! Bok!

Basho's mild tourettes

Burst of flavour in every bite
The pussy willows on a bun
A droplets cling to blonde
Welcome to boner heaven
Get thrusted by that passing train

Water meat
Real spices
Real good eats
Stiff authentic texan
Chipotle golden

Outdoor Basho bondage in the snowy forest

This awesome lightening weight

Swear he looks exactly
Dreaming of weaks
Of slack damn–looking
And knives
Even tho i'm a chick

In trees mooring
Fish men float
Tugging nailed between
Trees bare and capitalizing

With great success
Clownishly birch
The moths honest
And a better dread comes
Soft boy hair everything

The names of all the gods all sound
Pervey dream white heresy
Soft so magnificently disguised